Welcome to KeyBase

KeyBase currently contains 12104 keys to 53485 taxa.

KeyBase is a database and web application for managing and deploying interactive pathway keys to plants, animals and other groups of organisms.

KeyBase provides an environment where pathway keys, traditionally developed for print, can be used more effectively in a web environment. Keys in KeyBase can be easily linked, essentially joining them into larger, seamless keys, but with each still available to be used independently. Keys can be filtered and displayed in a variety of formats.

How can I use KeyBase?

You can search for a key to a family, genus or species by entering its name in the query box above, or browse a list of keys in any project by clicking on the project link on the left. Once you've opened a key, you can display it in the familiar formats, or you can use KeyBase's key player. Once you've keyed out a taxon – and if there is a key to that taxon in KeyBase – you can jump to that key by clicking on the button after the taxon name. You can also apply filters to keys, either locally for a single key by selecting which taxa you want to include or exclude, or globally by uploading a list of taxon names and selecting the projects you'd like to look in for keys.

How can I contribute?

KeyBase projects can be collaborative. After registering, you can request to join a project. As a contributor to a project in KeyBase you can upload new keys and help manage and maintain keys in the project, to help keep keys current. KeyBase users can also start new projects.